Brain injury involves damage caused to the brain due to a sudden physical trauma, which may result in minimal to fatal consequences like severe disabilities for lifelong. Uncertainty and unimaginable sadness seep in when a family member or the bread earner is being left miserable due to a brain injury. In such a grave situation it is wiser to take the legal assistance of an expert personal injury attorney to get compensated for the medical bills, loss of pay and settlement of insurance claims. one of the leading law firm handling brain injury cases for years. You can also consider other attorneys in your area whose credentials, reviews and contact details are vital as mentioned in

Let us now understand certain intricacies of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) which may reduce the level of anxiety and confusion of the family members and the victim himself post the fatal accident.

In most of the cases, the damage caused due to the injury are evident, but sometime there may be some injuries which are left undetected because there is no such external indication of it. But one should be proactive in noticing specific symptoms like functional irregularities in memory and mental reasoning. Partial or complete loss of sensation sensitivity like touching, smelling, tasting. Sign of psychological effects like depression, anxieties, palpitations, fears and personality complexes. If such indicative symptoms are detected timely, and the appropriate treatment is offered, then we can save the victim from more severe damage which can happen in future. Brain injuries are related to the trauma caused to the human head. There are basically two types of trauma faced.

Penetrating injury These happen when damage to the brain is caused due to penetration of a foreign object into the skull. These types of injury usually occur in case of road accidents or incidents happening in factories.

Closed head injury These are of two types. Primary damage caused due to the physical impact resulting in a skull fracture, internal bleeding, blood clotting, nerve rupture etc. Secondary injury is which develops over the time post the accident and if left unnoticed and treated may have fatal consequences. The Certain critical decision which are made after the accident which can improve or worsen the situation and future include: • What is the best possible immediate medical aid available? • How to handle finance requirements arising in the absence of any medical and life insurance? • What are all the compensations to apply for from the employer in case the accident happened at work? What claims applications to be submitted to the insurance companies? Etc. • When to approach an attorney for legal assistance? A brain injury expert attorney can offer various assistance apart from just filing a suit. They educate you with the legal knowledge and your rights through which you can defend yourself better in case of any discrimination caused based on your disability. They may connect you with the support groups, communities of brain injury victims, therapists etc. The appropriate way to find a good brain injury lawyer is through references from doctors, support groups who have a network of victims, medical experts and other social support authorities handling similar cases all their life.

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